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Bespoke Gems’ pair of fine Mozambique aquamarine gemstones
Bespoke Gems’ pair of fine Mozambique aquamarine gemstones

9.73 carat Aquamarines

Bespoke Gems' workmanship takes center stage.


These blue aquamarine gems with an antique round design have been sourced from Mozambique, Africa. They have been locally polished and cut by a local gemcutter. The stones remain natural and untreated.

They weigh 9.73 carat and have a measurement of 13.15 mm length, 13.15 mm width and 10.75 mm depth.

Sydney-based Bespoke Gems provide coloured gemstones and lapidary services to the jewellery trade. The business is operated by gem-cutter Doug Menadue who specialises in bespoke hand-faceted gemstones.

More Information: Bespoke Gems

Suite 522A, Level 5, 375 George Street
King George Chambers
NSW, Australia, 2000
Phone: 0408 064 190

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Wednesday, 13 November, 2019 05:59pm
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