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Coolamon Sapphires' light green sapphire
Coolamon Sapphires' light green sapphire

7.60 carat Light-green Sapphire

Coolamon's light green sapphire makes you green with envy.

Featured is a 7.60 carat light green sapphire from Rubyvale, Central Queensland.

The sapphire's green is due to the presence of iron. Present are also yellow and blue bands that make the gem appear green to the eye. This gemstone can range in colour, from light to dark and rich green to yellow-green or blue-green.

Coolamon's light green sapphire has eye-clean clarity, with a precision-cut and polished with a wide shield shape.

Measurements are 14.66 mm in length, 10.24 in width and 7.30 mm in depth.

Coolamon Sapphires are produced by Coolamon Mining Pty Ltd, specialising in mining and producing natural coloured gemstones including sapphires, zircons and chrysoprase.

More information: Coolamon Sapphires full range

CONTACT Coolamon Mining:
PO Box 981
QLD, Australia, 4703
Phone: 07 4985 4403

Wednesday, 27 March, 2019 05:41am
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