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Natures Gemstones natural Colombian emerald
Natures Gemstones natural Colombian emerald

0.36 carat Colombian Emerald

Natures Gemstones stands out naturally.

This strong bright medium green emerald has a slightly bluish-green tone and is a modified pear trilliant faceted from a natural emerald crystal that was mined in Colombia.

It weighs 0.36 carat with the measurements of 6.10 mm in length, 4.50 mm in width and 3 mm in depth.

This gem has faint natural inclusions that are just visible to the eye, and shows no evidence of any treatments or oil.

Natures Gemstones is an Australian-based supplier of natural gemstones.

More information: Natures Gemstones full range

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Monday, 19 August, 2019 01:46pm
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