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10 Years Ago in Jeweller: August 2009

A snapshot of the industry events that made news headlines in the August 2009 issue of Jeweller.

GAA appoints new executive

The story: Terry Coldham (president), Ronnie Bauer (chairman), Katherine Kovacs (secretary) and Margerita Blazic (treasurer) have all been appointed to the executive of the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA).

As stipulated by the GAA constitution, the executive must be reappointed every three years.

The GAA also recently engaged Duncan Buchanan of Adept Research for a two-day forward-planning workshop to conduct a through analysis of the operation of the GAA with every sector of the association.

Industry apathetic toward JAA Code of Conduct

The story: The JAA received a “disappointing” response to its proposed new Industry Code of Practice, according to JAA CEO Ian Hadassin. Around 3,000 emails containing the code were sent out to all JAA members and some non-members of the industry, yet the JAA has so far only received around 15 responses.

The code covers all aspects of jewellery retailing including lay-bys, timepieces, valuations, comparative pricing, advertising, email marketing, transacting online, complaints, promotion and industry awareness.

“It will affect all industry members so I urge everyone to give the matter their urgent consideration,” Hadassin said.

While major chains appear to be behind the code, independents, wholesalers and manufacturers have not shown much interest.

“Unless most of the industry embraces the code, then the code participants will be at a disadvantage to the non-participants,” Hadassin explained, adding that he was considering making the code mandatory.

Magnolia silver hits Australia

The story: A new sterling silver retailer has landed on Australian shores. Originating in Israel and with stores throughout Europe, Magnolia Silver Jewellery has recently opened seven stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

Aimed at the 16 to 65-year-old female, Magnolia purportedly offers fashionable sterling silver styles, using semi-precious stones and high-quality workmanship.

“Our jewellery is made from exceptional quality metals and semi-precious stones – yet is still affordable for individuals on a range of budgets,” Nati Harpaz, CEO, Magnolia Silver Jewellery Australia, said.

Magnolia has locations in Canada, Spain, Portugal, and Hungary, among others, and boasts a team of 25 designers throughout Europe and the Middle East.


Special council ticks on

The story: The JAA Timepiece Council has been revived – meeting again for the first time in almost two years with a new director, new agenda and a renewed vigour.

Showcase Buying Group CEO Michael Mishevski was recently appointed as the new director, his first initiative to bring representatives from the timepiece industry together for a general discussion on industry issues and the council’s future direction.

Held in Sydney on June 26, the meeting was attended by JAA CEO Ian Hadassin, along with Sam Der Bedrossian from Sams Watchmaker Jeweller; representatives from Seiko, ESGE Asia Pacific, Rolma Industries, Fossil Australia, Designa Accessories and Duraflex Group Australia.

“We did have a very strong representation of the people who attended,” Mishevski said. “It was a fantastic meeting; everyone really enjoyed it.”

The issue of the JAA’s proposed code of conduct was discussed, as well as industry standards on repair times and water-resistance, and the possibility of employing an independent accounting firm to benchmark the watch industry.”





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