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My Bench: Hagop Barsoumian

HAGOP BARSOUMIAN's favourite tool is his divider as it's so precise, he can mark 100 stones without checking the fit of the diamond.

Works at: Jaxette Diamond Setting

Age: 36

Years in trade: 20 years

Training: Raphael Jewellery

First job: Martin Manufacturing Jewellery, 2001

Other qualifications: Hand engraver

Favourite gemstone:

Blue sapphire. It’s very tough to work with but it looks good with all designs.

Favourite metal:

18-carat yellow gold.

Favourite tool:

My divider. It’s so precise, I can mark 100 stones without checking the fit of the diamond.

Best new tool discovery:

Tungsten carbide burs. I’m transferring them into a very tiny engraver so I can reach the tight and narrow parts of the job.

Best part of job:

Finishing the product – it’s the satisfaction of quality and precision work.

What frustrates you most about the industry?

When a jeweller tries to become a setter and a setter tries to become a jeweller.

Best tip to a jeweller:

Communicate with your setter.

Biggest health concern on the bench:

Sitting on the bench for a long time makes you unfit and gain weight!

Love jewellery because:

Setting many shapes and forms of gems and diamonds is a passion for me. With setting and jewellery, it’s about taste; if have great taste you will produce absolutely amazing pieces.




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