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Coolamon Mining set of seven parti-colour sapphires.
Coolamon Mining set of seven parti-colour sapphires.

3-5.5mm parti-colour sapphires

Coolamon’s parti-colour sapphire is particularly charming.

Featured is a set of seven round brilliant cut parti-colour sapphire, which range in size from 5.5mm to 3mm.

At least three quarters of total production yield stones are below 1 carat and these are faceted as round brilliant, princess cut, baguette, trilliant and marquise.

These can be supplied in parcel lots or as carefully matched pairs and sets.

Coolamon Sapphires are produced by Coolamon Mining Pty Ltd. They specialise in mining and producing natural coloured gemstones including sapphire and zircon.

More information: Coolamon Sapphires


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Friday, 22 November, 2019 08:51pm
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