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Helping Hands: services & offers to help jewellers

UPDATED: In these unprecedented times of hardship in the jewellery industry, suppliers are offering support, flexibility, discounts and more to assist retailers.

Explore the range of options available to manage your stock and keep your costs low as we unite to overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

If you're a supplier with an offer or service to support retailers, please email us to be considered for listing below.

Listings below are in alphabetical order by company name.


Suppliers extending TERMS

Extended Terms: Duraflex Group Australia is offering support and flexibility to retailers on a case-by-case basis, and invites retailers to get in contact to discuss their specific needs.

Duraflex Group Australia


Extended Terms: Kagi is offering support and flexibility to retailers on a case-by-case basis, and invites retailers to get in contact to discuss their specific needs. Contact Kagi.



Extended Terms: Stella Timepieces is offering an 8-month payment deferral on all accounts to help businesses with stock management. Offer Expires 30 June 2020 for any new or existing account. Offer may be extended.

Stella Timepieces


Extended Terms: Timesupply is offering support and flexibility to retailers on a case-by-case basis, and invites retailers to get in contact to discuss their specific needs.



Extended Terms: Vital Diamonds is extending its credit terms from 30 to 60 days for the next three months. Offer Expires 30 June 2020

Vital Diamonds



FREE: The Battery Man is offering free shipping to home or business addresses during April to assist those now working from home. If shipping is not possible due to shutdown, offer will be honoured when business reopens.  Offer Expires 30 April 2020

Battery Man


Chemgold is offering support and assistance to customers requiring refining services, including advice on cost saving and ensuring the maximum payout for metal. This applies to lemels, scrap, sweeps and buy backs. Email us. In addition, Chemgold has introduced a new 18-carat white gold alloy, 18W132, with 13.2 per cent palladium. It is hard wearing, great for polishing and approximately 5 per cent lower-priced than standard 18-carat white gold with 15 per cent palladium.



Golden Mile has introduced a new repair service to help jewellers who may be understaffed due to the coronavirus.

Golden Mile


FREE: With immediate effect, IDEX Online is offering free access to its Diamond Trading Platform to all newcomers until August 2020. IDEX is known for offering the most transparent and objective diamond trading platform in the industry.



Discount 50%: Keswin Publishing is offering a 50 per cent discount on digital marketing services tailored to retail jewellers, including WordPress design, management, support, and e-commerce, as well as SEO content writing and editing, email marketing, eNewsletters, and eBook publishing guidance. Founder Deb Donnell comes from a family of retail jewellers and has 35 years of experience in the industry and is GIA certified. Visit our websiteOffer Expires 30 June 2020

Keswin Publishing


FREE: The KL Diamonds manufacturing workshop in Sydney is offering free polishing and rhodium plating on all new manufacturing, setting, resizing, repair, assembling and finishing jobs.

KL Diamonds


FREE: Palloys is offering free casts and prints for all gold and platinum, reaffirming its commitment to the Australian jewellery industry in this difficult period. Offer expires 30 April 2020



Suppliers offering discounts

Discount: EasyRead Time Teacher is offering an extra 5 per cent off the regular discount on a mixed display box (25 water resistant watches). EasyRead Time Teacher has the most effective time-teaching aids, ideal for parents who will be teaching their children new skills while schools are closed.

EasyRead Time Teacher


Cashback: Kagi is offering 15 per cent cash back of the value of your orders within the next 6 weeks that can be used towards all new orders up to Christmas 2020.



Discount: Mays is offering a 50 per cent discount on 0.8–2 carat Burmese spinels, priced $110 per carat (usually $220 per carat) and a 25 per cent discount on Burmese rubies.



Cashback: Pastiche is offering $100 cash back for every $500 spent throughout April. These orders will not receive packaging. Offer Expires 30 April 2020



Cashback: Salamander Jewelry is offering 10 per cent cash back on any orders placed via website until 31 May. The cash back can be used for the future orders placed within a three-month period. Plus, discounts of up to 70 per cent apply to selected items in stock. Email a copy of your order confirmationOffer Expires 31 May 2020

Salamander Jewelry


SAMS Group Australia

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