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My Store: The Collective

Nestled in the heart of Dublin’s renowned Creative Quarter, The Collective is a two-storey treasure trove.



Country: Dublin, Ireland

Name: Emma Counihan

Position: Lead interiror designer and assistant to the director

When was the renovated space completed?

October 2019

Who is the target market?

We are proud to reveal that clients from every walk of life come through our doors and so for us, it was pivotal that our store was a safe place where everyone felt welcome.

Nestled in the heart of Dublin’s renowned Creative Quarter, The Collective is a two-storey treasure trove, featuring stunning designs from more than 30 independent jewellery designers, the overwhelming majority of which call Ireland home.

Our goal has always been to support the craft and embrace the incredible unique style of each of our artists by creating the perfect backdrop to showcases their designs.

Drury Street, and the building itself, is steeped in history and charm and our intention was to create the perfect storm. For us, that meant a marrying of the past and the future.

As an homage to the building’s past, we uncovered the natural beauty of the space, showcasing the exposed brick, embracing the quirky layout and exhibiting original features such as the two charming chimney breasts.

Simultaneously, as a toast to the future, we added in unexpected surprises, like the crittal-style sliding door and accompanying half-window. The black-framed, New York-style door leads to our state-of-the-art studio which hosts our silversmithing workshops and jewellery courses all year round.

Which features encourage sales?

Often our new clients visit us after a recommendation from a friend or because something in our window has caught their eye. From the outset, our priority was for our clients to have an experience when they visit us and so every element has been carefully thought out, in order to provide them with the best possible service.

As our clients step through The Collective doors onto the restored wooden planked floors, they are greeted by the scent of ‘Dublin Dusk’ a woody, fresh yet relaxing fragrance burning in the periphery.

As Dublin is home to Rathbornes, the world’s oldest candle company, it felt fitting as a nod to the city’s history.

Each of the 100-year-old alcoves that make up the space have been lovingly tailored with bespoke polished brass and glass shelving, illuminated to illustrate a glittering display for each jewellery designer’s collection.

Drawing the eye up, the ceiling comprises glass birds floating from hanging plants, giving a magical and whimsical feel against the dark, moody backdrop above. An old restored railway sleeper rests above one of the chimney breasts, framing a collection of large, circular golden plinths, inviting your eyes for
a feast of the newest collections.

The counter – the backbone of the store – waits for you at the end of your journey while also acting as a gateway to the workshop beyond. The crittal-style windows behind offer a peak into where the magic happens!

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

I think the store’s wow factor is the combination and flow of all of the separate entities. No one aspect demands your attention – it is rather like a collection of little surprises that draw you in!











Independent Jewellers Collective (IJC)

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