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Now Showing: Ex-jewel thief reviews movie heists; ancient jewellery link to vanished civilisations and why is titanium so colourful?

Take a few moments to enjoy Jeweller's video selection including updates on current affairs and insights into our jewellery trade. This week, an ex-jewellery thief reviews popular scenes from movie heists, dig deep into the history of our obsession with gold and see ancient pieces that tell us stories about lost civilisations.

Former jewel thief reviews movie heists

By Vanity Fair  |  Length 19:49


A story of obsession: the power of gold

By Timeline - World History Documentaries  |  Length 49:28


Ancient jewellery: a link to vanished civilisations

By Christie's |  Length 03:30


Why is titanium so colourful?

By The Thought Emporium  |  Length 14:45


Learn about every type of opal

By JTV  |  Length 15:04



Colonial Gemstones

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