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My Store: Rebus Signet Rings

My Store: Rebus Signet Rings

STORe: Rebus Signet Rings

Country: London, UK

Name: Emmet Smith

Position: Founder and managing director

When was the renovated space completed?

January 2018, following a five-month renovation

Who is the target market?

The Rebus customers are a diverse bunch – young, old, male, female, traditional, hip, traditionally-hip, and many from overseas too.

I did not design the store with a particular focused demographic in mind; I just went with my gut and created an environment that I wanted to spend time in – and one that my staff were also proud to be part of and in which they could feel comfortable.

The ambience feels warm, like a relaxed, welcoming members’ club. This is achieved through the colour palette, gold fixtures and details, and inviting furniture.

I figured if I could get the basics right and my staff felt good, then this would naturally translate to our customers, who we think of as guests.

Which features encourage sales?

I’ve never had the attitude of ‘encouraging sales’.

I’ve always felt very proud – even protective – of my craft, which is hand-engraving, so I want to display and communicate the processes Rebus craftsmen go through to create our jewellery.

So, our display cabinets are not stuffed full of product. Instead, I like to be a bit more considered and tell a story by displaying things that pose questions and conversation.

‘Communicate and celebrate’ is our ethos. The bar helps with that as well!

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

The people. Downstairs, the Rebus workshop has 10 incredible craftsmen.

To the unfamiliar eye, it appears crammed with all sorts of strange-looking objects – chisels, arcane heraldic imagery, jars of liquids and powders, gas torches burning, and Victorian reference books.

Introducing our guests to this environment and the Rebus team is a pleasure which everyone appreciates.











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