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Now Showing: The opal cutter's dilemma; working four alloys into a ring; and resurrecting a 1940s Rolex

Take a few moments to enjoy Jeweller's video selection including updates on current affairs and insights into our jewellery trade. This week, take a closer look at cutting opals, watch a jeweller fold together four alloys to make a 'zircuti' ring, and see a World War II Rolex be brought back to life. 

Colourful opal predicament: Which do I cut?

By Black Opal Direct  |  Length 20:21


Turning a hex nut into a ring with hand tools only

By Bonn  |  Length 11:45


One ring, four alloys: Working with 'zircuti'

By Patrick Adair Designs  |  Length 09:22


Can we save this 80-year old Rolex?

By Nekkid Watchmaker  |  Length 39:10


Gemstone setting tips and tricks for jewellers

By Rio Grande  |  Length 43:30



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