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Paterson Fine Jewellery

Paterson Fine Jewellery has been a supplier to the Australian and New Zealand jewellery industry for more than 80 years.

Now a third-generation company, it has evolved from an independent bench jeweller selling opal pendants at the St Kilda markets, to an international manufacturer of jewellery with offices in Melbourne Bangkok and London, and a 70-employee factory in Thailand.

Paterson Fine Jewellery exists to service the needs of the retail and wholesale jewellery industry, developing new and innovative jewellery products and concepts, while also working with customers to develop their unique ideas.

Paterson Fine Jewellery also offers the highest level of service, with credit facilities, warranty and repairs, next-day wholesale delivery, and customised manufacturing.

Company: Paterson Fine Jewellery
Contact information: David Paterson
PO Box 244 Moorabbin VIC 3189
Phone: 03 9555 9344
Exhibiting at: Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth





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