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Now Showing: Turning an amethyst invisible; young opal hunters; and Wimbledon-worthy tennis bracelet

Take a few moments to enjoy Jeweller's Friday Flicks video selection including updates on current affairs and insights into our jewellery trade. This week, be amazed as scientific magic turns an amethyst invisible, see young opal hunters uncover a special find, and watch as a Wimbledon-worthy tennis bracelet is crafted by a London jeweller.

Turning an amethyst invisible

By JTV  |  Length 10:50


Young opal hunters strike it lucky

By Discovery Australia |  Length 07:57


The birth of a 5-carat sapphire ring

By CRM Jewelers  |  Length 09:23


Step-by-step guide: A 22-carat diamond tennis bracelet

By Bobby White  |  Length 09:11


Bedazzled by Bulgari: Magnifica high jewellery collection

By Bulgari  |  Length 07:22




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