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Carry sunshine with you everywhere – ADTC

When you want to capture sunshine and take it anywhere.

Capture the beauty of a sunshine moment, or when someone makes your heart sing like a canary. Jewellers can access a wide range of yellow diamonds for their masterpiece. From melees to extravagant center stones, ADTC has a yellow diamond to suit your every requirement.

Unparalleled beauty meets eternity within the unique crystal structure of every diamond.

Pay tribute to all that is precious with Australian Diamond Trading Company's selection of fancy colours and pure white stones.

ADTC is renowned for having the largest range of premium white and coloured diamonds in Australia, in both round brilliant and fancy cut diamonds. Trading with reliabiity, honesty and integrity since 1986, ADTC is ready to serve you.

Level 13
227 Collins Street
VIC, Australia, 3000
Phone: 03 9650 2243
Fax: 03 9650 6469

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