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Now Showing: Gemstones of Imperial China; $320,000 gold jackpot; and a gemstone made out of beer bottles

Take a few moments to enjoy Jeweller's Friday Flicks video selection including updates on current affairs and insights into our jewellery trade. This week, discover the gemstones that captivated the court of Imperial China, join Aussie gold hunters as they uncover a $320,000 find, and watch as a beer bottle is transformed into a gorgeous 'gemstone' for jewellery.

 Imperial China's gemstone obsessions

By JTV |  Length 05:27


Jackpot gold find leads to $320,000 payday

By Aussie Gold & Opal Hunters |  Length 07:47


Sapphire eternity ring from a silver coin

By Change You Can Wear  |  Length 08:31


Inside the Lady Arpels Ballerines Musicales collection

By Van Cleef & Arpels   |  Length 03:44


Turning a beer bottle into a 'gemstone'

By Sergius TV  |  Length 03:28




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