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Naomi Watts shines at Cannes jewellery store opening, Meet Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery polisher, Smart jewellery changes colour to match clothing

As Bulgari ambassador, Naomi Watts was bound to steal the spotlight at the brand’s store opening in Cannes this week. In what appeared to be a strategic move, the actress wore a simple black dress so that her gold serpent necklace could do most of the talking.

The jewellers at David Webb have created more than their fair share of pieces for Hollywood celebrities and socialites over the decades. However, it’s one man in particular who is currently being celebrated. After 50 years working at the iconic American jewellery company, Benjamin Ray provides the scoop on what it’s like to be a ‘master polisher’.

Pick a colour, any colour, and this new smart jewellery will reportedly adapt to the exact shade. The LED-powered colour changing “stone” – worn as a bracelet or pendant – is the latest addition to an ever-expanding list of smart jewellery inventions.

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This gemstone is part of corundrum family and all colours, except for red which is ruby, are a sapphire mineral. Cut,...

Posted by Jeweller Magazine on Wednesday, 20 May 2015

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