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Apple Watch speculation; 10 years on from the first predictions

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From its first launch in 2015, the Apple Watch has come a long way. From 'disrupting' the traditional Swiss watch industry, to plunging 90 per cent in sales, the product has made waves and have forever changed the landscape of watches and wearables. Image: Apple Explained

Neil Mawston, executive director devices, Strategy Analytics

Sujeong Lim, analyst Counterpoint Research

Edouard Meylan, CEO H. Moser & Cie

Coleby Nicholson, former publisher Jeweller

While Apple Watch wasn't the first smartwatch launched, it's intuitive interface helped it to first take off in 2015 with its First Generation release.

The Series 7 Apple Watch launched on the 15 October this year with larger displays and faster charging. Designs have become more rounded with larger casing sizes.

In an innovative twist, Apple collaborates with brands – such as Hermés – that once stood at opposing sides of the debate, to merge technology and luxury as a choice for the modern consumer who might not want to go down the route of buying a traditional Swiss watch.

Luxury leather goods brand Hermés began manufacturing Swiss watches in the 1930s, but partnered with Apple this year to produce a limited edition smartwatch with stainless steel casing and an ultra-soft Fauve Barenia leather.

Chart 10. Global shipments of smartwatches (millions of units) Source: Strategy Analytics, Deloitte's Swiss Watch Industry Study 2021

Chart 11. What kind of watch do you usually wear? Source: Deloitte's Swiss Watch Industry Study 2021

Nick Hayek, Swatch Group CEO

Estimates of Apple Watch sales since 2015. Source:

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