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More confusion over DDCA and WFDB operations and practices

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The WFDB claims it does not monitor the membership of its individual bourses despite a membership ‘number counter’ featuring prominently on its website’s Homepage. Source: WFDB screenshot taken on 13 September 2022.

Yoram Dvash, World Federation of Diamond Bourses

Sharon Gefen, WFDB Communications Director

The WFDB’s homepage displays a ‘number counter’ that implies it is counting in real time from zero up to the 28,780 individual membership base of its 29 member bourses.

World Diamond Mark's ASIC record as at August 2022.

World Diamond Mark's Facebook page has been inactive since 2017.

Rami Baron standing prominently (centre top) above the ‘number counter’ despite the fact the DDCA’s precise membership figure remains a mystery and the WFDB says it “does not monitor the number of members of any of the bourses that belong to the federation”!

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