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The Pink Diamond Love Affair - The Creators & Consumers

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Pink diamonds are the rarest of the rare. Of the 15 million carats of diamond rough extracted annually from the Argyle mine, fewer than one per cent were pink. | Source: Musson x Glajz, The Diavik Midnight Sun

Justin Linney | Linney’s

John Calleija | Calleija Jewellery

Michael Neuman | Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier

Irene Deutsch | Fairfax & Roberts

James Temelli | Temelli Jewellery

Garry Holloway | Holloway Diamonds

Legendary Pinks

Pink Diamond Jewellery. | Source: Calleija, Ellendale, Cerrone

Pink Diamond Jewellery. | Source: Lucinda

Pink Diamond Jewellery. | Source: Musson

Pink Diamond Jewellery. | Source: Sams

Pink Diamond Jewellery. | Source: Calleija

Pink Diamond Jewellery. | Source: Lineys

Pink Diamond Jewellery. | Source: Scott West

Legendary Pinks

Legendary Pinks

CTF Pink Star

The Hortensia Diamond

The Martian Pink

The Pink Sunrise

The Spirit Of The Rose

The Star of the South

The Graff Pink

The Pink Jubilee

Calleija Ring

Calleija Ring

Fairfac Ring

Matthew Ely Earring

Musson-Diavik Midnight Sun

Rohan Jewellers

DeBeers and Ellendale Necklace


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