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Top 5 Jewellery Trends for 2012

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Earrings by Indonesia-based company PT King Halim. Materials used are swarovski zirconia, swarovski maracsite, sterling silver and rose gold plating. Part of the 'Studio' trend

A Stephen Webster ring. Part of the 'Fiction' trend

Bangles by Switzerland-based Hedera Geneva. Materials used are swarovski marcasite and carbon with inlaid titanium. Part of the 'Nouvelle vague' trend

Swallow ring by Hong Kong-based designer Jessica Fong. Materials used are swarovski gemstones blue sapphire, passion topaz rainforest, paraiba, turquoise, peridot, yellow diamonds, white diamonds and white gold. Part of the 'Fantasy' trend

Dol:ci M Emotion Ring by Hong Kong-based Lila Wong. Materials used are swarovski gemstones ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, passion topaz rainforest, diamonds and 18ct white gold. Part of the 'Luminescence' trend

'Ramage' by Japan-based designer Rinka with swarovski zirconia. Part of the 'Fantasy' trend

A jewellery piece by American designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza. Materials used are sapphires, enamel lacquer accents, sterling silver and black rhodium plating. Part of the 'Fiction' trend

Necklace by Brazil-based Sabrina Joias. Materials used are golden yellow swarovski zirconia, amethyst, sterling silver, titanium and gold plating

Pendant and watch by Hong Kong-based Team 1 Design. Materials used are swarovski zirconia white, pearls and sterling silver

Monday, 26 August, 2019 04:22pm
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