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Diamond grading games: the search for consumer confidence

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A greenish-yellow diamond benefiting from very strong fluorescence

Illumination of the greenish-yellow diamond without UV light present

The image shows five different cutting plans for a 37.43-carat rough diamond with estimated values from $104,481 to $294,628. The highest value is from three round diamonds at the top. Note the larger the stone, the lower the colour will be. Source: LexusIndia

Different cuts have slightly different pavilion colour grades for the same spectrum of diamond, but vastly different face up colours. Ray tracing software can estimate these grades. Why can’t colourimeters be developed to perform face up grading for the benefit of consumers?

Left: ViBox with the doors open, Canon camera and figure of eight diamond movement gimbal. Right: Doors partly closed, with a stereo splitter and a 360-degree rotating stage for the diamond

Stereo splitter

A stereo pair of diamonds captured in ViBox with the OctoNus and Lexus watermark logos visible

Garry Holloway, Holloway Diamonds managing director

Sunday, 22 September, 2019 11:47am
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