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Find the megatrend: 2017 jewellery forecast

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Graff's recent campaign features supermodel Emily Didonato showcasing Graff's famous haute gems

Image courtesy: DevianArt/somadjin

Isabelle Lopes

Csaba Hegedüs

Isabelle Lopes

Image courtesy: Flickr/Retrofresh

Image courtesy: Flickr/wilson severino

Image courtesy: Flickr/Peter Shanks

Myia Passiello

Csaba Hegedüs

Jessica Fong

Image courtesy: Flickr/on aura tout vu

Image courtesy: Flickr/Jose Maria Cuellar

Image courtesy: Flickr/Jin Han Tan

Image courtesy: Flickr/Paul Vera-Broadbent

Tomasz Donocik

Nemanja Ilic

Sabine Roemer

Image courtesy: DeviantArt/CoreyEacret

Image courtesy: Flickr/parameter_bond

Image courtesy: DeviantArt/psychiatrique

Image courtesy: DeviantArt/zoey64

Isabelle Lopes

iBling International Limited


Image courtesy: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

Volkan Olmez

Image courtesy: DeviantArt/LonelyPierot

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