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Jewellery industry’s finest talents recognised

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The indsutry's best of the best were recently awarded at two jewellery design competitions

Sumaya Bakker, 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice/Student Award winner

Kelly Ryu, 3rd & 4th Apprentice/Student Award winner

Yuji Satomi, Australian Opal Award and Supreme Award winner

Gary Thyregod, Bridal Award winner

Mindika Haddagoda, CAD/CAM/Cast Award winner

Ben Preston-Black, Coloured Gemstone Award winner

Nicholas Theochari, Diamond Award winner

Albert Tse, Men's Accessories & Jewellery Award winner

Lynaire Kibblewhite, Pearl Award winner

Jason Ree, Precious Metal Award and Fair Visitor Choice Award winner

Alistair Kelsey, Colour Award and Jeweller of the Year/Roy Worfold Perpetual Trophy winner

Hugh Thyregod, 3rd and 4th Year Apprentice/Student Award and Apprentice/Student Award winner

Jeremy Fleming, Reader’s Choice Award winner

Leah Straughair, $10,000 Career and Education Accolade winner

Tomomi Otobe, 1st and 2nd Year Apprentice/Student Award winner

Shiree Hobson, Precious Metal Award winner

Gregoire Vende, Diamond Award winner

Roberto Mattei, CAD/CAM/CAST Award winner

Kirra-Lea Caynes, Contemporary/Non-Precious Award winner

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