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2020 State of the Industry Report: In-depth analysis of Australia's jewellery chain stores over a decade

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While the wider Australian non-essential (discretionary spend) retail industry has suffered greatly in the past decade, it’s fair to say that many industry experts had predicted bleaker times for fine jewellery chains.

TABLE 1: FASHION CHAINS STORE COUNT 2020 VS 2010 - Of the 7 chains in 2010, 6 collapsed and/or closed their physical stores to move online. Of the 378 fashion jewellery stores in 2010, 343 closed.

TABLE 2: FINE JEWELLERY CHAINS’ STORE COUNT 2020 VS 2010 - On a like-for-like basis there has been 12% reduction in store numbers the past 10 years * No longer chain. # Stores closed

TABLE 3: FINE & FASHION JEWELLERY CHAINS’ STORE COUNT 2020 - # Pandora was not included on the Chain Store list in 2010 as it was defined as a ‘brand-only’ store while * Colette did not exist as a chain in 2010 however, it is now under administration

TABLE 4: FINE & FASHION CHAINS BY OWNERSHIP - The above chart shows the updated chain store count as at June 2020. Note that a ‘chain’ is defined as 5 or more stores. *Colette is under administration.

Chain Statistics

Sir Richard Michael Hill (Image: Random House)

Pandora has shifted its focus to targeting a younger generation of consumers through the use of Gen-Z role models like Millie Bobbie Brown.


Back in 2003

Pandora - Chart 1

Pandora = Chart 2

SOTI 2020 - Chain Reactions

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