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Pandora through the pandemic: a turnaround in the making?

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The year 2020 has been devastating to many businesses, but Pandora may be turning things around.

Alexander Lacik, current CEO, Pandora

Anders Colding Friis, former CEO, Pandora

David Allen, current general manager, Pandora APAC

Phil McNutt, former managing director, Pandora Australia & New Zealand

Pandora stock performance over five years.

Pandora has shifted its focus to a younger generation of consumers through the use of Gen Z celebrity spokespeople like Millie Bobby Brown (below).

Per Fogh, analyst, Sydbank

A selection of pieces from Pandora's spring 2019 collection.

Mikael Kruse Jensen, former managing director Pandora Australia & NZ

Martino Pessina, current chief commercial officer, Pandora

Brien Winther, former managing director, Pandora Australia & NZ and Pandora UK

The above chart shows that the huge brand re-launch, held in Los Angeles on 28 August 2019, had little impact on Pandora's share price over four months, to the start of 2020 (pre-the COVID-19 pandemic).

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