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Directory - Flood Gem

PO Box 103
QLD Australia 4301

P: 07 3818 1609
F: 07 3818 1609

At Flood Gem, we specialise in mining, cutting and supplying of wholesale Boulder Opal to the jewellery trade. We are a Queensland based privately operated business which has been trading since 1995. We have over 25 years of extensive experience in opal mining and cutting and seek to employ the best mining techniques developed especially in and around the opal industry.

We strive to maintain the safest and most economical and environmentally sound mining practises available to us. In addition we have taken on previously mined areas as part of our mining operations in an effort to incorporate them into our rehabilitation program. These areas would have otherwise been left environmentally unsound and unsafe.

Mining is currently being undertaken in the Quilpie mining district approximately 3 hours drive north west of Quilpie.

Mining, cutting and selling is all undertaken by us in our Ipswich workshop, thus we are able to supply unset Boulder Opal at very competitive prices both locally and internationally.
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