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Directory - Coeur de Lion

Level 2 East
50 Grenfell Street
SA Australia 5000

P: 08 8221 5580
F: 08 8221 5580

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The COEUR DE LION brand was established in 1987 by Carola and Nils Eckrodt and is now synonymous with excellent designer jewellery from Germany. Carola Eckrodt is the company’s chief designer. COEUR DE LION jewellery is now sold in approximately 30 countries around the globe. Carola Eckrodt combines clear lines with a playful use of colours and materials. By doing so, she creates pieces that embody a fundamental rule of design: harmoniously resolving contrasts makes for a truly sensual experience – for wearers and admirers of her jewellery alike.

Jewellery from COEUR DE LION is made exclusively from high-quality materials, such as Polaris resin, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, stainless steel and diamond-cut anodised aluminium, which has a silky sheen and was the very first material we used back in 1987. The famous Geo Cube collection, which first appeared in 1999 with its colourful acrylic glass and striking, contrasting colours is now considered a German design classic that is admired around the world. The very highest standards also apply throughout the production process at our workshops in Stuttgart. All the manufacturing stages are completed precisely by hand – another reason why jewellery from COEUR DE LION is known as the finest fashion jewellery. Every COEUR DE LION necklace and bracelet comes with a stainless-steel quality seal – your guarantee of carefully checked workmanship from our studios.


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