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Directory - Sovereign Gems

Suite 5, Level 1
428 George Street
NSW Australia 2000

P: 02 8065 8533

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2019 Sydney International Jewellery & Watch Fair Stand G45
Sovereign Gems blushes in pink.
Sovereign Gems is the newest gemstone wholesaler in Australia with a thirst to provide the jewellery trade of Australia with quality coloured stones and excellent service. Sovereign was born out of the desire of the two owners to strive to ensure the trade has the stone it needs from the smallest of repair jobs to the largest of handmakes.

The Australian jewellery trade has become like a second family to the owners who have a combined working history in the trade of over 25 years. Although only a new company, the owners feel like they are right at home doing what they have always done best, understanding that this business is about service and helping jewellers to ply their trade by providing them with quality goods.

Sovereign believes it has the right mix of attitude, teamwork and skills to become a stalwart in the industry they love.
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