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Directory - Lawson Gems

Shop 31, Gallery Level, Brisbane Arcade
160 Queen Street
QLD Australia 4000

P: 07 3162 2380

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Lawson Gems discovers a collector’s dream.
Lawson Gems is an online gemstone store committed to providing high quality gemstones. Our customers have full knowledge of the gem's nature, treatment, origin and sourcing when purchasing their gemstone. At Lawson Gems, we believe that there is no black and white definition for a realistic definition of responsible sourcing of gemstones. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if our customers are not 100 per cent happy with their order.

About Charles Lawson:
After extensive study and travel I opened my Lawson Gems International Website. Since I was a small child returning home from school with pockets full of interesting stones found through the day, I have been fascinated by rocks minerals and especially coloured gemstones. My grandfather Grahame Lawson was an amateur collector always returning from his travels with little parcels of stones which he would have made up into jewellery for my grandmother. I never met him but I do still have small paper parcels of stones that he collected from his adventures and I hope to continue on in his spirit.
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Diamonds By Cut - Rose

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Opals - Loose

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