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PO Box 350
Paradise Point
QLD Australia 4216

P: 0438 130 438
M: 0438 130 438

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Discover timeless elegance with the Tatiana Collection by Black Opal Direct.
Opal jewellery has enjoyed a sharp rise in popularity since the pandemic. SAMUEL ORD speaks with prominent members of the industry in a search for the reasons why.

My father was an opal merchant who began mining in Lightning Ridge in 1963. Traveling between our family home in Sydney to our second home in Lightning Ridge was the life I remember growing up as a kid. My upbringing was so involved with Lightning Ridge and opal mining, cutting and polishing that a love of opal from the rugged outback of Australia is seared in my soul.

Both my sister and I are opal merchants, so my family have now been opal merchants for a combined 95 years. In addition to this, we have been cutters and polishers for just as long, contract cutting for some of the biggest opal exporters in the world.

Because of my past 20 years in this industry, it seemed logical to expand my horizons to selling quality, affordable Lightning Ridge opal through eBay and then my own store. I understand how hard it can be to buy the real deal from an opal professional, not to mention value for money. The opal merchants in the area, like me, used to only sell direct to jewelers and gemstone dealers around the world – well not anymore!

Like you, I have spent hours of time buying over the net and through my buying experience I understand the importance of customer satisfaction and overall service from the seller – you have to make sure they are reputable and will sell you what you want!

For this reason, I can promise you I offer the very best service and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. My opal business has been built on an outstanding reputation for quality product and my personal ethics of honesty and integrity, and I can assure you, I have no plan of dropping this standard!

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Black Opal Direct

Kindred Crystal Opal Earrings 1.00 ct teardrop crystal opal Dimensions: 8 × 5 × 2 mm 18ct Rose Gold
Johanna Necklace Gold 1.30 ct Crystal Opal An Australian crystal opal with beautiful blues and greens. 45cm 18kt Italian yellow gold chain included.
Opals - Loose Black Opals
1.23ct Black Opal 1.23 ct gem. Dimensions: 8.2×6.7×3.7mm Predominant Colors: Green, Orange
Rings - General
Tatiana Ring 1.05ct Black Opal 18kt Yellow Gold Ring Size M/US6 Dimensions: 12 × 6 × 2.5 mm

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