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Directory - Mays Exotic Gems & Jewellery

Unit 609
1 Queens Road
VIC Australia 3004

P: 03 9043 5181

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Throughout history, spinels have been the underdog when it comes to precious colour gemstones. Only about a century ago, scientists were able to differentiate spinel from ruby. 
Natural rubies are a rarity in Australia. Most that are commonly available are synthetic – grown inside of a lab – or else heated-treated stones from Mozambique and Tanzania. 
MAYS Exotic Gems & Jewellery was first established in 1992 in Myanmar (Burma). We are dealers of precious colour gemstones and gold jewellery specialising in Burmese Ruby, Sapphires, Spinels and Jadeite Jade.

This is a family run business. We are Burmese. Our direct connection with Burma means we are able to supply the Australian and International gems markets with quality natural gemstones at competitive prices.

After many years in the industry, we are able to source our gemstones directly from the mines and gem dealers in remote areas of Burma. Being Burmese, we have access to areas where foreign access is restricted. Generally, Burmese gemstones that have been brought out to the international markets through Thailand, Hong Kong and even New York have been exchanged through many trades and it’s reflected on their over inflated prices, compared to us. Why pay more when you can buy directly from a Burmese.

We manufacture our own Jewellery and is handmade is Myanmar by expert jewellers to the highest craftsmanship. All our Jewellery is made with 18 carat yellow gold unless otherwise stated.

We are able to provide a more competitive pricing on our Jewellery because it’s imported from Myanmar and not made here in Australia. The cost to manufacture a piece of Jewellery is much higher in Australia than in Burma. Therefore, we are able to provide you with the same quality handmade Jewellery but at a much reasonable price. We invite all customers to visit our shop in Melbourne, Australia.

Guarantee best price and quality natural Burmese Gemstones and Jewellery.


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MAYS Exotic Gems & Jewellery
1 17 1.6K
Red 'Jedi' Spinel Dress Ring Handmade Jewellery - Unheated Natural Burmese
Custom designed and Handmade in Melbourne, Australia. Featuring a flawless red 'Jedi' spinel from Mogok, Myanmar (Burma). And, surrounded by natural diamonds set in a 18K white gold. For more information visit:

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