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Directory - Yehuda Diamond Company

590 5th Ave 8th Floor
New York
New York USA 10036

P: 1 212 221 5985
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Recent News
When a customer comes in and asks you this question, you need to be equipped with the right facts to help them make an informed decision. Learn to articulate the differences and benefits of both natural and man-made stones to find the best fit for your customer.
In the 12 months since Jeweller’s first Great Diamond Debate, there has been more upheaval in both the natural and lab-grown categories. ARABELLA RODEN explores the implications for retailers, consumers, and the wider diamond industry
A lot has happened since our last Great Diamond Debate. In the last 12-months, the continuing brouhaha concerning natural versus lab-grown diamonds has become complex, turning into a latter-day ‘land grab’ for the hearts and minds of consumers. Read updates from industry leaders around the world weigh in on the debate.
Discover the manufacturers of synthetic diamond detectors and choose a screener that best fits your needs. From portability to number of stones, speed and price, Jeweller’s synthetic diamond detector buying guide makes your choice simpler. 
With a legacy steeped in diamond history, Yehuda Diamonds continues to innovate with Sherlock Holmes, a simple portable device that helps diamond buyers in a market where lab-created diamonds are more proliferative. Dror Yehuda speaks to Jeweller about his father's legacy as the inventor of the laser-drilling of diamonds to his company's current innovations. 
CVD and HPHT Lab-Grown Diamond Detector
Sherlock can’t be fooled. Protect your customer. Enhance your value as an expert.

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Founded by Zvi Yehuda in Tel Aviv 66 years ago, Yehuda remains a family company to this day. Over the decades, it has pioneered techniques in diamond manufacture, from cleaning to laser drilling, irradiating for colour, and clarity enhancement. Today it produces both natural clarity enhanced and synthetic diamonds, as well as synthetic detectors.
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