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Directory - Grown Diamonds

Level 11, Suite 1102
227 Collins Street
VIC Australia 3000

P: 1800 849 291

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Showcasing the world's largest round lab-grown diamond.
One of Australia's largest stockists of Lab-Created Diamonds
The past three years have seen the lab-created diamond category expand and develop, though not all have embraced it – yet, writes ARABELLA RODEN.
Grown Diamonds’ lab-created stones are ethical, eco-conscious and affordable.
Lab Grown Diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same crystal structure as earth mined diamonds and are optically, chemically and physically identical to earth mined diamonds.

The diamonds are Eco - Positive and are 100% mine-free.

The price of our Lab Grown diamonds are between 60 - 75% cheaper than earth mined diamonds.

Our Lab Grown diamonds are certified by IGI, GIA and GCAL with laser inscribed on the girdle of the stone stating the certificate number and a reference to being Lab Grown.

When buying a Lab Grown Diamond you could get a bigger diamond and/or better quality than an earth mined diamond, for the same budget.
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