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Level 9, 225 St Georges Terrace
WA Australia 6000

M: 0409 976 981

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Celebrate the beauty of femininity and indulge in the brilliance of these exquisite earrings, sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression on any occasion.
Museums Victoria has partnered with LJ West Diamonds to showcase of the largest collections of natural fancy-colour diamonds in the world, including the legendary Argyle Violet.
Rarest of rare, Argyle violet diamonds stand out from the rest of Argyle's colour diamonds, including the highly coveted pink diamond. But just what is it that makes it one of Earth’s most beautiful gifts? Explore everything there is to know about the Argyle violet.
The Scott West Aureole Hoop Earrings Collection, featuring large (37mm) 18-carat yellow gold with 268 stones of natural pink diamonds (2.16-carat)
Pink diamonds are among the most valuable and sought after gemstones on Earth. SAMUEL ORD explores the complicated world of certification practices in order to ensure you get your money’s worth!
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LJ West Diamonds. is a three generation natural colour diamond wholesaler based in New York, the company was founded in the late 1970’s by Lawrence J. West. Now with an office in Australia, we're readily available to serve the needs of Asia-Pacific, straight from the source.

For over 30 years, Larry West has been studying and collecting some of the most rare natural colour diamonds. His expertise for analysing a natural colour diamond to bring out its true colour potential is a masterful skill.

Today LJ West Diamonds has established itself as one of the worlds prominent houses for some of the most rare and important exotic natural fancy colour diamonds to have ever been unearthed. This collection includes a vast colour spectrum of incredible rare pink, blue, yellow, green, orange and red diamonds.

When analysing a diamond, LJ West Diamonds, Inc. carefully examines each individual stone, determining the diamonds fullest colour potential. Determination of the diamonds final stage can take months or up to a year to decide, as the gemologists must examine each cutting possibility.

Larry has owned and polished some of the most beautiful and rare natural colour diamonds to have ever been found. From 1 carat to 5 carat+ diamonds in the category of intense and vivid pink, green, orange, blue and fancy red stones.
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