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Directory - Natural Gem Exchange

Washington Street
VIC Australia 3040

P: 03 8804 5703
M: 1300 186 315

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Natural sapphires, purposefully picked for engagement rings
We source sapphires from environment friendly small scale mining operations in Ceylon(Sri Lanka) where the well being of workers and protection of the natural environment is ensured.

We believe in some good old ways of doing business built on genuine trust. Buying a sapphire is just the starting point in a long and supportive relationship between you and Natural Gem Exchange.

We give back to the nature. We promote sustainable mining operations by educating the mining community on workplace safety.

The gem trade vastly relies on the trust and the honesty of the trading partners. We bring the same trust and honesty to the virtual world.

At the end of the day, we want a smile on everyone's face.
Gemstones - Alexandrite

Gemstones - Aquamarine

Gemstones - Garnet

Gemstones - Ruby

Gemstones - Sapphire

Gemstones - Spinel

Gemstones - Tourmaline

Gemstones - Zircon

Gemstones - Ruby
Natural Pigeon Blood Red Ruby Un-heated, 1.090ct (5.63x4.50x4.50)
Gemstones - Sapphire
Natural Cornflower Blue Sapphire Heated, 1.200ct (7.61x6.04.3.49) Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Gemstones - Spinel
Pink Spinel 0.750ct (6.28X4.77X3.39) Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Gemstones - Zircon
Natural Yellow Zircon 9.70x6.91x4.86 Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

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