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Directory - Australian Opal Direct

59 Elderslie Street
QLD Australia 4735

P: 0414 818 100
M: 0414 818 100

Australian Opal Direct offers custom designed Opal jewelry reflecting the unique characteristics of each individual rare gemstone. From mining to wholesaling to exporting and retailing, we have over 30 years of experience in the Opal industry.

Our location, close to the source and direct from the Australian Opal Mines allows us to provide the best possible Opal Gem at the most competitive price. When sourcing Australian Opal, we take into account the well being of the environment, the product itself along with ensuring that our miners, cutters, jewellers and all partners receive their fair share throughout the production process.
Additionally, our hand selected designers feature cutting edge design work and craftsmanship setting the most innovative trends for the Opal industry around the world! Our attention to detail in the cutting process as well as the craftsmanship of each unique piece can be seen throughout the wide selection of bespoke Opal Jewellery.

At Australian Opal Direct, we pride ourselves in having a wide range of quality Opal Jewellery as well as the most desirable bespoke collections of Opal at the best possible prices.


Opal Jewellery

Opals - Loose Black Opals

Opals - Loose Boulders

Opals - Loose Doublets / Triplets

Opals - Loose White / Crystal


Rings - Anniversary

Rings - Dress

Rings - General


Opal Jewellery
Opal Jewellery
Opal Jewellery
Opal Jewellery

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