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Directory - Bolton Gems

QLD Australia 4500

P: 07 3205 6311
F: 07 3881 0000

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The fancy colour diamond category is as dynamic and varied as the stones themselves. ARABELLA RODEN explores new trends and opportunities for retail jewellers.
Bolton Gems shines with chocolate joy.
With consumers increasingly savvy about white diamonds, coloured diamonds continue to offer retailers a better margin. ALEX EUGENE reports on the best way to take advantage of these highly-prized stones.
Bolton Gems explores new diamond territory.
2017 Sydney International Jewellery Fair Stand C13
Bolton Gems are miners, cutters and wholesalers of diamonds, precious and semi precious gems, pearls and jewellery.

Bolton Gems's website has the ability for customers to see pricing and availability information of items, but also high-quality images of all stock.

Bolton's Blue Book is also published every year, filled with GST-excluded pricing information for the company's whole range of product.
Birthstone Jewellery


Bridal Jewellery

CAD / CAM Services

Diamond Inscription Services

Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds by Colour - Black

Diamonds by Colour - Brown/Champagne

Diamonds by Colour - Pink

Diamonds by Colour - Yellow

Diamonds By Cut - Asscher

Diamonds By Cut - Baguette

Diamonds By Cut - Brilliant (Round)

Diamonds by Cut - Cushion

Diamonds By Cut - Emerald

Diamonds By Cut - Heart

Diamonds By Cut - Marquise

Diamonds By Cut - Oval

Diamonds By Cut - Pear

Diamonds By Cut - Princess

Diamonds By Cut - Radiant

Diamonds by Cut - Tapered Baguettes

Diamonds By Type - Enhanced Colour

Diamonds By Type - Ideal Matched Pairs

Diamonds By Type - Synthetic / Lab-Created


Gemset Jewellery

Gemstones - Alexandrite

Gemstones - Amethyst

Gemstones - Aquamarine

Gemstones - Citrine

Gemstones - Emerald

Gemstones - Garnet

Gemstones - Imperial Topaz

Gemstones - Kunzite

Gemstones - Morganite

Gemstones - Paraiba Tourmaline

Gemstones - Peridot

Gemstones - Rubelite

Gemstones - Ruby

Gemstones - Sapphire

Gemstones - Spinel

Gemstones - Synthetic

Gemstones - Tanzanite

Gemstones - Topaz

Gemstones - Tsavorite

Gold Jewellery

Jewellery Repairs

Laser Inscription Services

Men's Jewellery



Pearl Jewellery

Pearls - Loose / Temporarily Strung

Pearls - Loose Akoya

Pearls - Loose Black Tahitian

Pearls - Loose White South Sea

Pearls - Strands


Personalised Jewellery

Platinum Jewellery

Polishing Services

Rings - Anniversary

Rings - Engagement

Rings - General

Rings - Wedding

Rose Gold Jewellery

Setting Services - Diamond / Gemstone

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Tennis Bracelets


Allura Designs
Aussie Diamond Boxes
Australian Chocolate Diamonds
Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds
Dynasty Pearls
Fine Gems

Loose Diamonds & Gemstones
Aussie Diamond Boxes
Australian Chocolate Diamonds
Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds
Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds
Eternity Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
Fine Gems

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