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Directory - Brazing & Soldering Automation

40 Peter Brock Drive
Eastern Creek
NSW Australia 2766

P: 0499 000 143

Our product line is built to help make your parts stronger, cleaner, and faster. We're the official Australia distributor for Fusion Incorporated, a global leading in Brazing and Soldering processes.

Soldering/Brazing Supplies

We provide a range of alloy pastes. We consistently get feedback that our pastes don't 'ball up' like those from our competitors

• Copper, Silver, and Gold
• A range of melting temperatures from Extra Easy to Hard
• Excellent for manual repairs


With our tried and tested robotic systems, we can help you truly bring your business into the information age

• Pneumatic paste applicators and automated robotic workbenches
• Increase your production
• Remove the need for manual repetitive tasks
• Aftercare from people who care that your business succeeds
Precious Metal Services

Tools / Equipment - Manufacturing / Repairs

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