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Directory - Ikecho Australia

263 Sussex Street
NSW Australia 2000

P: 02 9266 0636

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Ikecho, where charm and natural beauty unite.
Ikecho, adorning necklines with effortless grace.
Just like Twilight, the time between dawn and sunrise, deep in pink and captivating, these deep-pink-hued pearl pendants from Ikecho Australia will take your breath away.
Opal jewellery has enjoyed a sharp rise in popularity since the pandemic. SAMUEL ORD speaks with prominent members of the industry in a search for the reasons why.
This fashionable and sleek sterling silver cubic zirconia bangle has quickly proven popular at Ikecho.
Ikecho Australia, pronounced as "i-ket-cho," is a prominent Australian wholesaler specializing in distributing high-quality pearls. The company distinguishes itself by crafting innovative and modern pearl designs that align with global trends and fashion movements.

With a strong commitment to quality, the Ikecho Australia brand offers a diverse range of pearl and opal products that cater to the evolving tastes and preferences of the world's market.

The first to import natural pink pearls in Australia, our collections feature the most extensive range of quality South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya, Mabe and Chinese Freshwater Pearls alongside precious opals, Australia’s national gemstone, set in sterling silver or 9, 14 and 18-carat white gold, yellow gold and rose gold designs.

Ikecho Australia have sales agents in NSW, QLD, SA, WA, TAS and New Zealand.

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Ikecho Australia
Ikecho Australia

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Ikecho Pearls Edison Pendant
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Ikecho Pearls Multi-Coloured Classic Strand
Ikecho Pearls Pendant
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Ikecho Pearls South Sea & Tahitian Ring
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