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Directory - Lost River Diamonds

3rd Floor
105 St Georges Terrace
WA Australia 6000

P: 08 9481 0526
F: 08 9226 0740

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Lost River Diamonds splashes out in origin blue.
Lost River Diamonds celebrates with champagne.
2017 Sydney International Jewellery Fair Stand D47
Lost River Diamonds gets lost in a world of pink.
Lost River Diamonds leads in royal red.
Lost River Diamonds are located in Perth Western Australia less than one mile from Argyle's coloured diamond head offices. We are extensive buyers of fancy coloured diamonds from all over the world having travelled frequently to India, Brazil South Africa, Antwerp and New York to source the best range of coloured diamonds we can get.

We have the good fortune of seeing a lot of pink diamonds before anyone else and along with our range of fancy shapes in browns(cognacs) and yellows we can supply direct from the source.

We are currently developing our own mine in South Africa and soon hope to be able to provide diamonds with a complete history from rough to finished stone.

We have also established a close working arrangement with a couple of DTC sightholders to access top quality white diamonds in all shapes and sizes. Our grading standands are the highest and more importantly the most consistant possible. We invite you to try our prices and be pleasantly supprised.
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