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Directory - Opals Australia

GPO Box 4449
NSW Australia 2001

P: 02 9251 2222

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Opals Australia showcases both loose gemstones and gold and silver Australian opal-set jewellery.
Discover the beauty of the country's national gemstone with Opals Australia.
2019 Sydney International Jewellery & Watch Fair Stand G12
2018 Sydney International Jewellery Fair Stand G12
Opals Australia reinvigorates an Australian classic.
Opals Australia has been a premier manufacturer of Opal jewellery for over 90 years. We combine a wealth of history and expertise to provide our customers with high quality products and services. As a market leader, Opals Australia aims to remain innovative and fresh.

We understand that companies need to adapt to changing market demand and consumer behaviour. As a result, we continually create new collections of jewellery and are offering more benefits to our customers.

OA represents the sophisticated consumer who values beautiful, contemporary jewellery. Our new generation of opal jewellery has no peer in design excellence and manufacturing. Its affordability, stylish design and quality finishing will attract a fresh market for our customers and the industry.


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Opals Australia

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