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Directory - Precious Metal Technologies

Unit 2, 38 Motorway Circuit
QLD Australia 4208

P: 07 5574 6629
M: 1300 733 463

Are you looking for precious metal and gold refining solutions? Do you need accurate assays and fast processing of your precious metals?

PMT Pty. Ltd. is the only operating precious metals and gold refinery in Queensland, Australia. We have over 20 years experience serving the jewellery and mining industries with their gold and silver needs. We look after manufacturing jewellers, prospectors, and investors and pay cash for scrap gold jewellery.

Our precious metals refinery provides:
• On-site refining, smelting, fabrication, evaluations and analysis of gold and other precious metals
• Quality assays of Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Platinum (Pt) and Palladium (Pd)
• Precious metal recovery and recycling
• Precious metal supplies and products for jewellers, electroplaters and homeopaths – Order Here
• Buying, selling and fabrication of gold and silver bullion
• Recycling of old or broken gold and silver jewellery
• Immediate payout
• Expert technical advice on metals
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Precious Metal Services
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