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Directory - SAMS Group Australia

Suite 4, Lower Ground Level
123 Clarence Street
NSW Australia 2000

P: 02 9290 2199

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Sapphire Dreams’ earrings combine timeless design with the unmatched beauty of Australian sapphires.
Classique Watches epitomize the perfect fusion of style and functionality.
Sapphire Dreams Australia is proud to announce its newest collection launch, featuring exquisite Australian sapphires.
Pink Kimberley aims to create pieces of jewellery that encapsulate the uniqueness and beauty of Argyle diamonds while making them wearable and elegant. These pieces are a true representation of luxury and prestige.
The newest Blush Pink Diamond collection from Pink Kimberley boasts a beautiful array of wearable, stylish and unique designs.
Sams Group Australia are proud of our history as creators of the finest quality watches using Swiss-made movements under our own Classique label, as well as being distributors of watches and jewellery.

Classique Watches
Classique watches possess a distinctive and unmistakable personality. Fashions may change, but Classique watches retain that unique character.

Pink Kimberley Australia
Pink Jewellery is an exquisite blend of natural Australian pink diamonds and white diamonds surrounded by 18ct gold. The jewellery designs are unique and distinctive. These pink diamonds are the rarest & most precious diamonds in the world.

Blush Pink Diamonds
Blush Pink Diamond jewellery is crafted from 18ct gold with an exquisite blend of fine white diamonds and natural Australian pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine, located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. These pink diamonds are the rarest and most precious diamonds in the world.



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Blush Pink Diamonds
Pink Kimberley Diamonds
Sapphire Dreams

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SAMS Group Australia
SAMS Group Australia

Diamond Jewellery
Blush Pink - Pink & White Diamond Pendant
RM Williams - Ladies White Leather Watch
Rings - General
Blush Pink - Pink & White Diamond Ring 18k Pink & White Gold With Pink & White Diamond Ring
Rings - Engagement
Blush Pink - Pink & White Diamond Ring 18k Pink & White Gold With Pink & White Diamond Ring

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