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Directory - Silk Road Gems

PO Box 800
QLD Australia 4881

P: 07 4093 8000
M: 0419 821 913

Silk Road Gems was established in 1996.

We are wholesalers of gemstones, pearls, silver jewellery, gemstone and silver beads. We stock rough and cut opals as well as opal cutting supplies, including Diamond Pacific Nova wheels. We supply silver findings, silver chains, beading wire and materials and much more.

Silk Road Gems is located in Kuranda in the Cairns area in north-eastern Australia, in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Our customers are jewellery and gemstone retailers, jewellers, jewellery designers and gemstone cutters. Wholesale enquiries are welcome. We supply Australian businesses in all states and territories. We export to resellers worldwide. Retailers and onsellers are invited to make an appointment to visit our showroom in Kuranda.
Beading Supplies



Gemset Jewellery

Gemstone by Cut - Beads

Gemstone by Cut - Cabochon

Gemstone by Cut - Cat's Eye

Gemstone by Cut - Star

Gemstones - Agate

Gemstones - Amazonite

Gemstones - Amber

Gemstones - Amethyst

Gemstones - Aquamarine

Gemstones - Beryl

Gemstones - Carnelian

Gemstones - Chalcedony

Gemstones - Chrysoprase

Gemstones - Citrine

Gemstones - Coral / Mother of Pearl

Gemstones - Fluorite

Gemstones - Fossils

Gemstones - Garnet

Gemstones - Heliodor / Yellow Beryl

Gemstones - Hematite

Gemstones - Jade

Gemstones - Jasper

Gemstones - Kunzite

Gemstones - Kyanite

Gemstones - Labradorite

Gemstones - Lapis Lazuli

Gemstones - Larimar

Gemstones - Malachite

Gemstones - Moldavite

Gemstones - Moonstone

Gemstones - Morganite

Gemstones - Obsidian

Gemstones - Onyx

Gemstones - Peridot

Gemstones - Prehnite

Gemstones - Pyrite

Gemstones - Quartz

Gemstones - Rubelite

Gemstones - Sapphire

Gemstones - Spectrolite

Gemstones - Sunstone

Gemstones - Tanzanite

Gemstones - Tigereye

Gemstones - Topaz

Gemstones - Tourmaline

Gemstones - Tsavorite

Gemstones - Turquoise

Opals - Loose Black Opals

Opals - Loose Boulders

Opals - Loose White / Crystal

Pearls - Loose / Temporarily Strung

Pearls - Loose Freshwater

Pearls - Strands


Rings - General

Sterling Silver Jewellery


Gemset Jewellery

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