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Directory - A Dalheimer & Co

Level 1
156 Collins Street
VIC Australia 3000

P: 03 9654 2707

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Lapidary Services
• Fine precious gemstones
• Certified natural conundrums
• Gem cutting services
• Exclusive jewellery design
Lapidary Services


Lapidary Services
Custom Cutting & Orders After careful selection of the required rough material, the stones are carefully matched for colour and cut to the ordered shape and size or fitted to the setting.
Lapidary Services
Staff Training I offer jewellery trade members and their staff a brief introduction and explanation to our unique services and a visit to the workshop. Please contact me for further details.
Lapidary Services
Recutting & Polishing I facet all gems by hand using the traditional “jamb peg” method.
Lapidary Services
From the Rough Rough material is carefully inspected to determine which orientation, shape and cut will give the most desirable colour and finished weight/yield.

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