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Directory - Cody Opal

119 Swanston Street
VIC Australia 3000

P: 03 9654 5533
M: 0418 177 098

Recent News
The 2023 Australian Opal Exhibition invites the global jewellery trade to view an extensive display of Australia's most beautiful opal and opal jewellery; the world's most premium Australian opal suppliers bring you the largest ever range to be seen in one attractive location.
Cody Opal is a leading supplier to the World markets.
For too long, stubborn myths have plagued the Australian opal market – unfashionable, cheap, too fragile – and it’s now time to set the record straight, writes DAMIEN CODY.
Cody Opal is renowned for its range of high quality Australian opal.
Established in 1971, Cody Opal is one of Australia's leading opal cutters, wholesalers and exporters. We stock loose opals, including solid black, boulder, crystal and light opals, as well as doublets and triplets.

Our range includes fine gem quality pieces through to commercial grade opals. A range of beautiful opal jewellery complements our collection of loose stones.

Company Directors Andrew and Damien Cody combine expertise and a passion for Australian opals with many years of management and business experience.
Opals - Loose Black Opals

Opals - Loose Boulders

Opals - Loose Doublets / Triplets

Opals - Loose White / Crystal


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