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Directory - K & K Export Import

Level 4, Wales Corner
227 Collins Street
VIC Australia 3000

P: 03 9654 4449

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With an extensive range of Brazilian emeralds, K&K’s collection reflects a steadfast dedication to quality and sustainability.
K&K presents a diverse selection of natural champagne and cognac diamonds, featuring a variety of hues and exquisite fancy cuts.
K&K, your source for exquisite Australian sapphires.
Ethically sourced directly from the mine, K&K Export Import has secured a magnificent range of emerald from Brazil,  from 0.50 to 5 carats, with larger sizes available on request. 
The popularity of coloured gemstones continues to offer jewellers a spectrum of possibilities – and new innovations in supply chain transparency are making the sector even more desirable, writes ARABELLA RODEN.
Australia's widest range of gems: coloured gems, coloured diamonds, opals and pearls.

More than 35 types of precious and semi-precious gems, ornamentals and organics.

Diamonds: natural colour pinks, cognacs, yellows and other colours.

A full range of Australian opals.

Contact Katherine & Charles Kovacs.
Diamonds by Colour - Black

Diamonds by Colour - Brown/Champagne

Diamonds by Colour - Other Blue/Green

Diamonds by Colour - Pink

Diamonds by Colour - Yellow

Diamonds By Cut - Brilliant (Round)

Diamonds by Cut - Cushion

Diamonds By Cut - Emerald

Diamonds By Cut - Heart

Diamonds By Cut - Marquise

Diamonds By Cut - Oval

Diamonds By Cut - Pear

Diamonds By Cut - Princess

Diamonds By Cut - Radiant

Diamonds By Cut - Rose

Gemstone Beads Jewellery

Gemstone by Cut - Cabochon

Gemstone by Cut - Cameos

Gemstone by Cut - Carvings

Gemstone by Cut - Cat's Eye

Gemstones - Alexandrite

Gemstones - Amber

Gemstones - Amethyst

Gemstones - Ametrine

Gemstones - Andalusite

Gemstones - Aquamarine

Gemstones - Beryl

Gemstones - Chrysoprase

Gemstones - Citrine

Gemstones - Coral / Mother of Pearl

Gemstones - Emerald

Gemstones - Garnet

Gemstones - Heliodor / Yellow Beryl

Gemstones - Imperial Topaz

Gemstones - Kunzite

Gemstones - Labradorite

Gemstones - Lapis Lazuli

Gemstones - Loose

Gemstones - Malachite

Gemstones - Moldavite

Gemstones - Moonstone

Gemstones - Morganite

Gemstones - Onyx

Gemstones - Paraiba Tourmaline

Gemstones - Peridot

Gemstones - Quartz

Gemstones - Rubelite

Gemstones - Ruby

Gemstones - Sapphire

Gemstones - Spinel

Gemstones - Sunstone

Gemstones - Tanzanite

Gemstones - Tigereye

Gemstones - Topaz

Gemstones - Tourmaline

Gemstones - Tsavorite

Gemstones - Turquoise

Gemstones - Zircon

Lapidary Services

Opals - Loose Black Opals

Opals - Loose Boulders

Opals - Loose Doublets / Triplets

Opals - Loose White / Crystal

Pearls - Loose / Temporarily Strung

Pearls - Loose Akoya

Pearls - Loose Freshwater

Pearls - Loose Keshi

Pearls - Loose Mabe

Pearls - Loose White South Sea

Pearls - Strands

Diamonds by Colour - Yellow
Opals - Loose Black Opals

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