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Directory - O'Neils Affiliated

Room 405, 4th Floor, Wales Building
227 Collins Street
VIC Australia 3000

P: 1300 843 141
F: 03 9650 1744

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ARABELLA RODEN examines the tidal shifts in the pearl sector as it confronts the unique challenges of an uncertain future.
The fancy colour diamond category is as dynamic and varied as the stones themselves. ARABELLA RODEN explores new trends and opportunities for retail jewellers.
O’Neils Affiliated’s blue zircon is just in time for summer.
Coloured gemstones are firing up the jewellery industry. ARABELLA RODEN explores the rainbow of opportunities presented by this increasingly popular category.
The Thai gems and jewellery industry is expecting growth this year despite an international economic slowdown. The news comes following last month’s Bangkok Gems and Jewellery Fair (BGJF) which, according the organiser, boasted more than 14,000 visitors from 118 countries.
O’Neils Affiliated is Australia’s premier coloured gemstone wholesaler with CBD offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

We have been supplying a vast and varied range of natural and synthetic gemstones to the Australian and New Zealand jewellery trade for 60 years.

As a family owned and run business our name and reputation is built on quality gemstones at the best prices with attention to the very best service possible.
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