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Directory - Stones & Silver

PO Box 339
Patterson Lakes
VIC Australia 3197

P: 03 9587 1215
F: 03 9587 7516

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Radiant pearls, around necks curls.
Chains of sterling grace, in every place.
Gold that glows, beauty bestows.
Pearls that gleam, a timeless dream.
The latest trend in earrings these Stones & Silver .925 sterling silver flower earrings have a soft brushed finish with a shepherd kook and a 30mm drop.
Established and trusted since 2003, Stones & Silver has grown to become one of Australia’s leading wholesale jewellery suppliers. Offering the most extensive range of exquisite wholesale silver jewellery and gemstones, we are known for our personal touch.

Since our very beginnings our focus has remained on consistently offering the highest level of customer service and we recognise that our success has been built on the strength of the relationships we’ve nurtured over many years in the business.

We are proud of our high level of repeat and referral business that is testament to the quality of our jewellery and the value of the service we offer.

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