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Directory - RR Diamonds Australia

Suite 216
155 King Street
NSW Australia 2000

P: 02 9235 1799
F: 02 9235 1070

Recent News
As the renowned Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is unveiled for the final time in 2021, RR Diamonds revisits the exquisite gems from our most successful Tender in 2018. 
As the era of the Argyle Mine draws to a close, ARABELLA RODEN explores the compelling history and enduring legacy of the world’s premier source of pink diamonds.
RR Diamonds brings you pink perfection with the Shimai diamond set. 
The 0.18-carat purplish-red diamond is enchanting to the eye.
Spanning two generations of international diamond wholesaling experience, RR Diamonds specialises in ideal make smalls from Russia & Belgium, fancy shapes and rounds in larger sizes and an extensive range of natural fancy coloured diamonds.

RR Diamonds stocks ARGYLE melee, Tender stones, reds, blues, yellows and other collectable diamonds. 
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